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Toronto Hospital Ltd Toronto Hospital Ltd

Toronto Hospital Ltd

  • General Hospital in Onitsha, Anambra State.

Onboard Doctors

No Onboard Doctors.

About “Toronto Hospital Ltd”

The hospital is an INTERNATIONAL HEALTH FACILITY with 160 beds making it the largest privately owned hospital in Anambra State. It is fully licensed with the Ministry of Health, Anambra State and registered as a Limited Liability Company with the Company and Allied Corporation (CAC) Abuja Nigeria.

Toronto was established in September 1959 by HRH Igwe Dr. Walter C. Eze MA,MD,LMCC,FRSA,FINYAS (now deceased), and is being run by Prince Dr. Emeka Eze, MBBS, (Benin), FRSA (London) as medical director.

It has been remodeled to a luxury hospital with exotic designs and furnishing to meet up with international requirements of comfortable health care. Most areas are fitted with air-conditioning, a 16 seat internet café, an in-house 30 setter “home theatre cinema/ conference centre” and satellite TVs. The landscape is professionally done with greenery and flowers with a rear sit out. Mellow garden lamps are interspaced for evening ecstasy, and accompanied with an 18hr restaurant with adjoining supermarket.

More so, management has incorporated state of the art medical instrumentations, to assist medical diagnosis and treatment. The essence is to produce a homely place, probably more exotic than most homes, but attend to medical health and patient care. In all, it is like Medicare in a 5 star hotel, yet offering charges not higher than other centers in town.

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