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Onboard Doctors

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About “Solid Rock Hospital”

Patients treated at Solid Rock Hospital receive their mighty healing through us as ordained and pre destined by him. We render services of a large medical system but in a more personalised setting.

Presently we are looking forward to meeting you, so we can join you in our course to a brighter future.


Solid Rock Hospital is a leading, ever expanding health care provider that delivers high quality comprehensive services to its patients with commitment, integrity and competence with the highest value for all concerned.


To be the leader in providing first class health service.


Commitment: We are constantly committed to providing an environment that is caring and conducive to healing the whole person physically, emotionally and spiritually. We respect each individual needs, desires and rights of our patients. That is the compassion needed to be the leader in providing health care services.

Competence: We believe in continuous quality of care and performance improvement as the foundation for preserving and enhancing healthcare delivery.

This is one of the many benefits from decades of experience.

Integrity: We maintain the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct with our patients and ensure that our relationships are open, honest & fair

Teamwork: We collaborate in a way that enhances the healthy living of our patients and their families.


Offered Services

Dentist 1 Services
Dietitian 1 Services
Emergency Medicine Physician 1 Services
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist 1 Services
Optometrist 1 Services
Surgeon 1 Services
Pediatrician 1 Services
Physiotherapist 1 Services
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