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About “New Boshang Hospital Ltd”

The New Boshang Hospital Ltd is a hospital situated in Jimeta Adamawa state with well equipped facilities providing specialized and affordable health care services and general surgery.


Our Hospital has grown to provide a world class facility for the treatment of gynaecological/obstetrics cases, fertility issues, general surgeries of different sorts, ophthalmology, pediatrics, radiology and medical cases.


Further more, the Hospital has uninterrupted power and water supply, 24hrs services, in house resident doctor at all times, emergency services on the top priority and a serene environment with optimal cleanliness and helpful staff.


It is a referral center for cases from surrounding health care facilities that can’t handle some cases.


It is a center for Anti Retroviral management at no cost at all to patients courtesy of our donor partners.

We render services to clients who can’t afford to pay at once but can pay later at little installments.

We are among the best health care provider in the state with almost 8 years of quality services, training and experience.

Offered Services

Fertility Specialist 1 Services
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist 1 Services
Ophthalmologist 1 Services
Radiologist 1 Services
Surgeon 1 Services
Pediatrician 1 Services
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