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About “Federal Medical Centre”

Federal Medical Centre Abeokuta is a 250-bedded regional specialist hospital which came into existence on 21st April, 1993 with a philosophy of excellence in the provision of medical services to the gateway state of Ogun and other neighbouring states and nations.
Over the recent years, the scope of this philosophy has gradually expanded to further encompass excellence in training and research, so that today we can rightly say that the hospital stands on a tripod of excellence in research, training and health care service delivery.
With very limited infrastructure and  trained personnel inherited from the then  State Hospital, Idi- Aba in its humble beginnings, the Federal Medical Centre Abeokuta has witnessed a phenomenal transformation in infrastructure and human resource development over the last two decades such that today the hospital has over 50 specialists  in various fields of Medicine.
The hospital has recorded feats such as separation of Siamese twins, performing the very first trans-oesophageal echocardiography in Nigeria and playing leading roles in a number of local and international collaborative research programmes.

Offered Services

Cardiologist 1 Services
Dermatologist 1 Services
Dietitian 1 Services
Doctor 1 Services
ENT 1 Services
Eye Doctor 1 Services
Gastroenterologist 1 Services
Hematologist 1 Services
Nephrologist 1 Services
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist 1 Services
Neurosurgeon 1 Services
Orthopedic Surgeon 1 Services
Pediatrician 1 Services
Physiotherapist 1 Services
Plastic Surgeon 1 Services
Psychiatrist 1 Services
Surgeon 1 Services
Therapist 1 Services
Urologist 1 Services
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