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About “Beachland Specialist Hospital”

Beachland Specialist Hospital (BSH) was founded in September, 2007 with a desire to provide a medical need for the community, and has since evolved to become a standardised hospital and a one-stop health facility that is equipped to meet a variety of health needs.

With a successful track record in health care service delivery, Beachland Specialist stands out in caring for its patients.

Equipped with ultra-modern facilities, 150-bed spaces, 24 hours round-the-clock services, and a team of dedicated and specialised health care professionals, BSH is poised to provide quality healthcare that is affordable, reliable and accessible.

Vision Statement

To Be the Foremost Quality Healthcare Provider in Nigeria, Known For Medical Excellence and Care

Mission Statement

To Be A One-Stop Hospital With Access To Quality Medical Care And Put A Smile On The Face Of Every Client.

Core Values

  • Belief In God
  • Patients’ Confidentiality
  • Care
  • Team Work
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity

Slogan: In Service to God and Humanity.

Offered Services

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist 1 Services
Pediatrician 1 Services
ENT 1 Services
Orthopedic Surgeon 1 Services
Urologist 1 Services
Eye Doctor 1 Services
Cardiologist 1 Services
Dentist 1 Services
Psychiatrist 1 Services
Oncologist 1 Services
Surgeon 1 Services
Radiologist 1 Services
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